Suffering a serious injury as a result of another individual’s negligence is a serious matter requiring the attention of a skilled lawyer. The laws in Alberta protect the rights of the injured so they can recover for the injuries and other damages that have occurred. Carina assists victims of any type of accident to recover the compensation they are entitled to receive.

Assisting Clients After Any Type Of Injury

At our law firm, we are experienced at handling injury cases of any kind. No matter what type of accident you were involved with, you can rely on our team for help. Examples of cases we assist individuals through include:


Car accidents

If you were struck by another vehicle while driving, you could be entitled to compensation for any injury, lost wages or property damage you incurred.


Truck accidents

Larger trucks far outweigh smaller cars. When the two collide, very serious injuries and even death can result. Do not hesitate to put an experienced lawyer in your corner after a trucking accident.


Motorcycle accidents

Drivers need to be on a constant lookout for motorcycles. If they are not, it is likely they will switch lanes into one, cut one off or turn right in front of one. If you have been hurt on a motorcycle, we can help.


Pedestrian accidents

If you have been hit while crossing the street or while walking down the sidewalk, a lawyer can help you recover for the damages you have incurred.